Lincoln Trail Conference Announces All-Conference Softball, Baseball Teams

The Lincoln Trail Conference (LTC) announced its 2023 all-conference teams for softball and baseball Tuesday.

LTC Softball First-Team


Mya Brown – Ridgewood

Addie Seitz – West Central

Gabe Bryan – A-Town

Elsie Cook – Mercer County

Position Players

Madi Frieden – Mercer County

Shelby Bowman – West Central

Ailexa Hunter – A-Town

Clara Franks – Ridgewood

Taylor Ford – A-Town

Natalie Harshbarger – Knoxville

Gabby Dean – Ridgewood

Maddy Nelson – ROWVA-Williamsfield

Bailie Ryan – West Central

LTC Softball Second-Team


Emma Way – Knoxville

Ava Landon – ROWVA-Williamsfield

Sophie Nimrick – Annawan-Wethersfield

Lexi Harshbarger – Knoxville

Position Players

Mekeya Cihla – Princeville

Jaydn Wise – Annawan-Wethersfield

Paige Huffman – Annawan-Wethersfield

Kinley McGinn – Princeville

Natalie Thomson – Mercer County

Kennadi Rico – Annawan-Wethersfield

Becca Lindsey – Ridgewood

Riley King – Mercer County

Avery Rigg – ROWVA-Williamsfield

LTC Softball Honorable Mention

Shanna Peterson – Stark County

Hallie Schreurs – Mercer County

Chesney Secrist – Knoxville

Lauren Winters – West Central

Ava Anderson – Galva

Lauren West – Stark County

Avery Stegall – A-Town

Alexia Yarbrough – Ridgewood

Libby Anderson – Galva

Dani Hilgenberg – Knoxville

Bailey Ferguson – West Central

Taylor Pace – Ridgewood

Maddie Hepner – United

Abby Harshbarger – Knoxville

Kerigan Lewis – Ridgewood

LTC Baseball West Division First-Team


Carson Boelens – Mercer County

Tanner Rogers – United

Beau Honeycutt – Knoxville

Position Players

Kale Breeden – Mercer County

Kellen Hook – A-Town

Ian Leffler – United

Javin Dellitt – Mercer County

Owen Relander – Mercer County

Nolan Jenks – United

Jaxon Schultz – Knoxville

Bryce Bigger – West Central

Carter Rothzen – United

Jude Hofmann – Mercer County

AJ Jenks – United

Carter Redfern – A-Town

LTC Baseball West Division Honorable Mention

Lance Baker – United

Dawson Fenton – A-Town

Lucas Collison – Mercer County

Landon Winters – West Central

Noah Lenahan – West Central

Jacob Quigley – West Central

LTC Baseball East Division First-Team


Draven Smith – Ridgewood

Garrett Vincent – Ridgewood

Jake McGarry – ROWVA-Williamsfield

Tim Glesenhagen – Stark County

Position Players

Zeb Rashid – Annawan-Wethersfield

Cade Farquer – ROWVA-Williamsfield

Dillon Steelman – Stark County

Owen Anderson – Ridgewood

Mason Heitzler – Annawan-Wethersfield

Colin Hornack – Annawan-Wethersfield

Austin Chayer – Annawan-Wethersfield

Graham Wight – ROWVA-Williamsfield

Daniel Kieser – Stark County

Bryan Bertlshofer – ROWVA-Williamsfield

Zach Arredondo – Ridgewood

Sean Watt – Ridgewood

LTC Baseball East Division Honorable Mention

Matt Senteney – Annawan-Wethersfield

Josiah Christianson – Princeville

Kellan Keane – Annawan-Wethersfield