The WRMJ Story Began On June 11, 1979

On June 11, 1979, WRMJ signed on the air. The station was put on the air by Roger Coleman from Galesburg. Current owner John Hoscheidt was the general manager. Over the past 40 years WRMJ has served the residents of Aledo and Mercer and the surrounding counties with local news, farm markets and information, high school sports and more. The original owner was Roger Coleman from Galesburg, Illinois. He also owned WRAM in Monmouth at the time and the two stations simulcasted from 1 p.m. until WRAM had to sign off the air at sunset. On August 1, 1983 a group of local businessmen purchased WRMJ from Coleman. The company was named Western Illinois Broadcasting, Inc. The president was Bill Longley, the vice-president was Gene Cooper, the treasurer was Bill Hoscheidt, and the secretary was John Hoscheidt. The other shareholders were Chuck Federman, Edgar Boney, Vic McAvoy, Ron Ranney, Bud Henderson, Leonard McCaw, Pat Malone, Karl Bredberg, Deane Frye, and Dana Frye. On August 1, 1993 John and JoAnn Hoscheidt completed buying out the other shareholders and became the sole owners of the station.

Hoscheidt said the 40 years seem to have flown by quickly.