Relander Leads Golden Eagles Earning All-LTC Honors

Mercer County had four players named to the All-Lincoln Trail Conference first team for the 2022 football season. Owen Relander was a unanimous selection as a wide receiver and defensive back. Relander was the offensive player of the year in the conference. Colby Cox was named first team quarterback and Carson Kellett was selected to the first team as on offensive lineman. Brecken Heinrichs was a first team defensive lineman.

LTC Football All-Conference First Team


QB – Colby Cox (Mercer County)

RB – Zeb Rashid (Annawan-Wethersfield)

RB – Jaxin Johnson (Knoxville)

RB – Bryan Betleshofer (ROWVA-Williamsfield)

TE – Braden Downs (Knoxville)

WR – Owen Relander (Mercer County)

WR – Colin Hornback (Annawan-Wethersfield)

WR – Daniel Kieser (Stark County)

OL – Matthew Senteny (Annawan-Wethersfield)

OL – William Stone (Knoxville)

OL – Ethan Baxter (Stark County)

OL – Carson Kellett (Mercer County)

OL – Kellen Francis (Princeville)

OL – Graham Wight (ROWVA-Williamsfield)

K – Daniel Kieser (Stark County)

Returner – Tayshaun Kieser (Princeville)


DL – Graham Wight (ROWVA-Williamsfield)

DL – Jaxin Johnson (Knoxville)

DL – Ethan Baxter (Stark County)

DL – Brecken Heinrichs (Mercer County)

LB – Matthew Senteney (Annawan-Wethersfield)

LB – Luke Nelson (ROWVA-Williamsfield)

LB –  Bo Laws (Knoxville)
LB – Charlie Rouse (Stark County)

LB – Tony Rodriguez (United)

DB – Beau Honeycutt (Knoxville)

DB – Owen Relander (Mercer County)

DB – Daniel Kieser (Stark County)

DB – Ashton Potter (Annawan-Wethersfield)

P – Daniel Kieser (Stark County)

LTC Football All-Conference Second Team


QB – Dillon Horrie (Annawan-Wethersfield)

RB – Tayshaun Kieser (Princeville)

RB – Jake Mcelwee (United)

RB – Matthew Lucas (Mercer County)

TE – Brecken Heinrichs (Mercer County)

WR – Jordan Johnson (Princeville)

WR – Mason Heitzler (Annawan-Wethersfield)

WR – Adam Kohl (ROWVA-Williamsfield)

OL – Hudson Strom (Knoxville)

OL – Ian Willits (Mercer County)

OL – Coy McKibbon (Annawan-Wethersfield)

OL – Brody Bledsoe (ROWVA-Williamsfiled)

OL – Colby Stotler (Stark County)

OL – Jack Jungmann (United)

K – Kole Miller (ROWVA-Williamsfield)

Returner – Owen Relander (Mercer County)


DL – Braden Downs (Knoxville)

DL – Kellen Francis (Princeville)

DL – Carson Kellett (Mercer County)

DL – Arthur Pratt (Annawan-Wethersfield)

LB – Matthew Lucas (Mercer County)

LB – Zeb Rashid (Annawan-Wethersfield)

LB – Jake Mcelwee (United)

LB – Kory Stearns (Knoxville)

LB – Payton Sedam (Mercer County)

LB – Marcus Daily (Princeville)

DB – Jaxon Sharp (ROWVA-WIlliamsfield)

DB – Jordan Johnson (Princeville)

DB – Will Shreeves (Knoxville)

DB – Mason Heitzler (Annawan-Wethersfield)

DB – Javin Dellitt (Mercer County)

DB – Adam Kohl (ROWVA-Williamsfield)

DB – Adam Kohl (ROWVA-Williamsfield)

P – Jack Godsil (ROWVA-Williamsfield)

LTC Football All-Conference Honorable Mention

QB – Logan Carruthers (Princeville)

QB – Riley Danner (ROWVA-Williamsfield)

RB – Oscar Young (Knoxville)

TE – Luke Nelson (ROWVA-Williamsfield)

TE – Jack Godsil (ROWVA-Williamsfield)

TE – Marcus Daily (Princeville)

WR – William Fredrickson (Mercer County)

WR – Connor Wagenbach (Stark County)

WR – Lewis Sams (ROWVA-Williamsfield)

OL – Trenton Kirgan (Knoxville)

OL – Evan Krause (Annawan-Wethersfield)
OL – Cohen Newman (Annawan-Wethersfield)

OL – Gage Aldred (ROWVA-Williamsfield)

K – Alex Wadden (Mercer County)

K – Landon Sauer (Annawan-Wethersfield)

Returner – Jaxon Sharp (ROWVA-Williamsfield)

Returner – Matthew Henry (Stark County)


DL – Denzel Garza (Princeville)

DL – Grant Erlacher (ROWVA-Williamsfield)

DL – Gavin Minteer (Mercer County)

DL – Drew Haverback (Annawan-Wethersfield)

DL – Tanner Price (Stark County)

LB – Gage Aldred (ROWVA-Williamsfield)

LB – Avery Gerber (Stark County)

DB – Tyler Palanos (Annawan-Wethersfield)

DB – William Fredrickson (Mercer County)

DB – Matthew Bowser (Stark County)

DB – Isaac Nolan (Knoxville)