Illinois Dealing With Full-Time & Substitute Teacher Shortage

Illinois lawmakers are still trying to find the best way to get teachers into the state’s classrooms.  Over 90 percent of schools in the state say they have trouble finding either full time or substitute teachers—that includes local schools like Mercer County and Sherrard. Schools throughout Illinois have complained for years that there aren’t enough qualified, licensed teachers to fill their needs. Ben Schwarm with the Illinois Association of School Boards tells the Illinois Radio Network that’s why there are a couple of new proposals at the Capitol this year to deal with the shortage. One would allow college students who are studying to be a teacher, and who have at least three years on campus to get a substitute teaching license.

Schwarm says the legislation could help. But he says Illinois is going to have to solve a bigger problem. 

Schwarm says while almost every school needs teachers, the needs are worse the further away from the Chicago suburbs that you get.