Farm Safety Week Underway

September 17th through the 23rd has been designated Farm Safety Week across the nation and Mercer County Farm Bureau Manager Jenna Preston is reminding us of how dangerous harvest season can be. WRMJ and our sponsors are once again airing farm safety reminders throughout the week.

Preston reminds motorists to please watch out for slow-moving vehicles on the roadways. As farmers take the corn and soybeans out of the fields, their combines, trucks, and tractors will be sharing the roads with you.

When you see a reflective red and orange triangle on the rear of farm equipment, it means SLOW DOWN. The SMV, or slow-moving vehicle emblems, are placed on farm equipment that will be traveling less than 25-miles-per-hour.

The SMV emblem is your warning to be vigilant. When you see one, slow down.

The Mercer County Farm Bureau has provided the following schedule:

  • Monday, September 18 – Equipment and Rural Roadway Safety
  • Tuesday, September 19 – Health and Wellness
  • Wednesday, September 20 – Priority Populations
  • Thursday, September 21 – Confined Spaces
  • Friday, September 22 – Brain Health