Arrest Warrant Issued For Matherville Woman After Failure To Appear In Meth Case

A $5,000 arrest warrant has been issued for a Matherville woman after her and her attorney fail to appear for a pre-trial conference in a Mercer County meth case. 26 year old Erica Sandusky is facing Class X and Class 1 felony counts stemming from a 2015 arrest. Judge Ted Kutsunis issued the arrest warrant this morning in Mercer County Circuit Court. Authorities also continue to seek the whereabouts of Sandusky’s co-defendant — 23 year old Charles Peacock of Milan. A $100,000 arrest warrant has been issued for him for a probation violation.
Meanwhile, Sandusky’s attorney, John Steckel, is awaiting trial in Rock Island County on Class 1 and Class 4 felony controlled substance charges, accusing him of representing a client in exchange for Adderall. He’s scheduled to appear in court on those charges on September 29th.