TRAC Announces Boys Basketball All-Conference Team

The unbeaten Three Rivers Athletic Conference West Division champion Rockridge Rockets and the Orion Chargers both placed two players on the boys basketball all-conference team for the 2016-17 season.  All four were unanimous selections by the coaches.

Three Rivers Athletic Conference – West Division

Boys’ Basketball – All Conference Selection

and Team Standings in the Conference 2016-17


Final Standings – Varsity                    Final Standings – Sophomore

Rockridge                   12-0                                         Rockridge       10-2

Orion                           8-4                                           Orion               10-2

Riverdale                     6-6                                           Riverdale         7-5

Fulton                          5-7                                           Morrison          5-7

Erie                              4-8                                           Sherrard          4-8

Sherrard                      4-8                                           Fulton              3-9

Morrison                      3-9                                           Erie                  3-9



All-Conference Teams

As selected by a vote of conference coaches


First Team    *  Denotes “unanimous” here and with player and coaches of the year.

Name              Year         School

*Adam Clark              12                    Orion

*Caleb Allen               12                    Orion

*Carson Frakes           12                    Rockridge

*Gentry Whiteman     12                    Rockridge

Brett Murphy              11                    Riverdale

Tyler Bruggenwirth     11                    Fulton


Second Team

Name              Year         School

A.J. Hatlestad             11                    Sherrard

Cody Sanderson         11                    Fulton

Ben Brackemyer         11                    Morrison

Justice Cole                 12                    Erie

Jesus Vargas                11                    Rockridge

Blake DeClercq           11                    Riverdale

Eric Miller                   12                    Erie

Noah Anderson           11                    Orion

Riley Fetterer              10                    Rockridge