Three Rivers Announces All Conference Baseball & Softball Teams

The Three Rivers Athletic Conference released their western division All Conference baseball and softball teams for the 2021 season. As expected, the state champion Rockridge Rockets dominated the softball selections while conference champion Sherrard has four players named to the first team in baseball.


TRAC All-Conference Softbal Teams

As selected by a vote of conference coaches

(an Asterisk denotes unanimous vote)


First Team  Name              Year         School

Pitcher      *Ashlyn Hemm     12           Riverdale

Pitcher      *Jenna Drish      12           Orion

Pitcher      *Payton Brown     10           Rockridge

Pitcher      *Kendra Lewis     9           Rockridge


Catcher     Bailah Bognar      11           Rockridge


Infielder    *Kaitlyn Woods    12           Sherrard

Infielder    Lexi Hines         11           Rockridge

Infielder    Marly Lillibridge  12           Orion

Infielder   * Olivia Drish          12         Rockridge

Infielder    *Alivia Bark            10         Riverdale 


Outfielder  *Sydney Haas     12           Riverdale   

Outfielder  *Lea Kendall       12           Rockridge

Outfielder  *McKenna Blackwell  10        Sherrard


Utility Player  Lauryn Kline    12           Sherrard

Second Team  Name          Year         School

Catcher     Ashley Russell     10           Sherrard   


Infielder    Elizabeth Fish     12           Fulton                          

Infielder    Megan Russell     12           Sherrard

Infielder    Alexis Duke       9           Riverdale

Infielder    Taylor Sedam     10           Rockridge


Outfielder  Faith Ottens      12           Fulton

Outfielder  Ally Read          12           Fulton

Outfielder  Regan Walston    12           Riverdale


Utility Player  Katelyn Oleson  12           Riverdale

Honorable Mention  Name      Year         School

Infielder    Kenadi Sovey             9           Orion

Infielder    Grace Passno             9           Orion

Infielder    Brooklyn Smyser         12        Riverdale

Infielder   Kylie Collachia              12       Orion


Outfielder  Nickie Kettler            12           Orion

Outfielder  Kori Needham           10           Rockridge

Outfielder  Hannah Waddell        12           Sherrard


Utility Player  Teagan Nees          10           Sherrard



TRAC All-Conference Baseball Teams

As selected by a vote of conference coaches

(an asterisk denotes unanimous vote)


First Team    Name            Year         School

Pitcher *Brady Hartman       12           Sherrard         

Pitcher *Quinn Hoftender      11           Orion

Pitcher *Drew Dykstra         11           Fulton

Pitcher *Will Franck            12           Sherrard


Catcher *Ryan Staver          12           Sherrard


Infielder *Aiden Nelson        12        Riverdale

Infielder *TJ Ulfig             12           Rockridge

Infielder  *Dawson Peterson  9       Riverdale

Infielder   *Connor Barnett    12      Fulton


Outfielder *Jacob Jones       11          Fulton      

Outfielder  Peyton Dye        12           Rockridge

Outfielder Bryce Ketelsen     12          Riverdale


Utility Player *Blake Lingafelter     12    Sherrard  

Second Team    Name         Year         School

Pitcher      Gage Hugart       11           Riverdale   

Pitcher      Cole Kratzberg    10           Orion

Pitcher      Tyler Hendley      11           Rockridge

Pitcher      Brendan Martin      9          Morrison


Catcher     Brock Mason       11           Fulton


Infielder    Jacob Griffin     12           Riverdale                     

Infielder    Jarrett Thornburg    12       Orion

Infielder    Zach Duke         11           Riverdale

Infielder    Kannon Wynkoop  11           Fulton

Infielder    Kaden Hall         11           Rockridge

Infielder    Danny Mouw       10           Morrison


Outfielder  Brennan Welch    11           Sherrard

Outfielder  Davis Ludin        11           Fulton

Outfielder  Evan Dekeyrel     11           Rockridge


Utility Player  Ryan Showalter 11          Riverdale

Utility Player  Kile Johnson    10           Orion

Honorable Mention   Name    Year         School             

Infielder    Ashton Smith            12           Morrison

Catcher Maverick Chisholm       12            Rockridge


Outfielder Drake Gunn               10           Orion

Outfielder  Kye Smeltzly             11           Riverdale

Outfielder  Payton Decker           11           Morrison

Outfielder  Nolan Thomas            11           Rockridge


Utility Player   Holland Anderson     9           Sherrard