Administrative Order Issued Through May 4th To Reduce Traffic At Courthouse

An administrative order has been issued by 14th Judicial Circuit Court Chief Judge Frank Fuhr to reduce the congregation of large numbers of persons at courthouses, including Mercer County. The order is in effect through May 4th and aims to reduce the number of hearings and eliminate large court calls.
All civil and bench trials will be continued to a date after May 4th along with non-emergency civil hearings and Illinois Department of Human and Family Services child support calls.   All non-misdemeanor traffic cases, ordinance violations and pay or appear dates shall also be continued after May 4th as well as all domestic and civil walk-ins.
Judge Fuhr did indicate “the court is mindful of the Sixth Amendment right of an accused to a speedy trial as well as the rights of minor children and families in juvenile cases. Individual judges presiding over criminal and juvenile cases shall keep these rights in mind when taking action consistent with the intent of this administrative order.”