Appeals Court Rules Former Mercer County Man Re-Sentenced In Sex Abuse Case

A former Mercer County man will be re-sentenced in a sex abuse case. The Third District Appellate Court has made that ruling concerning 47 year old Loren Jasper. He was sentenced to 28-years in prison for Class X and Class 1 felonies in February of 2014, but the appeals court deemed that punishment incorrect because Jasper did not hold a position of trust. The former Cable man will now be sentenced on a Class 2 felony charge—punishable by up to seven years in prison.  In addition to the original 28-year sentence, Jasper was sentenced to a consecutive six-year prison term in a separate sex abuse case. The two cases involved 15 and 13 year old girls. A new sentencing date has not be scheduled. Jasper is currently in custody at the Menard Correctional Center.