TRAC Announces All-Conference Football Team

The Three Rivers Athletic Conference announced their All-Conference football teams for the 2021 season.  Erie-Prophetstown was the league champion with a 6-0 mark followed by Monmouth-Roseville at 5-1 and Rockridge at 4-2.  The Panthers had three first team performers on offense and four on defense.


All-Conference Teams

As selected by a vote of conference coaches


First Team    *  Denotes “unanimous” selection

Offensive Position        Name               Year         School

Center                                     Aden Davis                 Senior              Monmouth-Roseville

Guard                                      Connor Shaffer*         Senior              Rockridge

Guard                                      Trevor Snyder             Junior              Monmouth-Roseville

Tackle                                      Jaesan Gaylord*         Senior              Erie-Prophetstown

Tackle                                      Ethan Davis*               Junior              Monmouth-Roseville

End                                         Quinn Hoftender*      Senior              Orion

End                                         Nate Henry*                Senior              Rockridge

Running Back                         Peyton Locke*            Junior              Rockridge

Running Back                         Derek Chandler           Senior              Monmouth-Roseville

Running Back                         Connor Sibley             Senior              Erie-Prophetstown

Running Back                         Cole Kratzberg            Junior              Orion

Flex Player                              Mason Misfeldt          Senior              Erie/Prophetstown

Quarterback                            Brayden Deem            Senior              Rockridge


Defensive Position        Name               Year         School

Defensive Lineman                 Nick Ballard*              Senior              Erie-Prophetstown

Defensive Lineman                 Connor Shaffer           Senior              Rockridge

Defensive Lineman                 Reece Richmond         Senior              Riverdale

Defensive Lineman                 Reese Finch                 Junior              Rockridge

Linebacker                              Derek Chandler*         Senior              Monmouth-Roseville

Linebacker                              Quinn Hoftender*      Senior              Orion

Linebacker                              Mason Misfeldt          Senior              Erie-Prophetstown

Linebacker                              Jase Grunder               Junior              Erie-Prophetstown

Defensive Back                       Trevor Cobo*             Senior              Erie-Prophetstown

Defensive Back                       Jerome Jackson           Junior              Monmouth-Roseville

Defensive Back                       Nate Henry                  Senior              Rockridge

Defensive Back                       Jared Mohr                  Senior              Orion


Specialty Position        Name               Year         School

Punter                                      Carson Strating           Sophomore      Morrison

Place Kicker                            Blayden Murdock       Junior              Orion

Return Specialist                     Jase Grunder*             Junior              Erie-Prophetstown


Second Team

Offensive Position       Name               Year         School

Center                                     Sam Buser                   Senior              Rockridge

Guard                                      Clay Hockaday           Junior              Erie-Prophetstown

Guard                                      Reece Richmond         Senior              Riverdale

Tackle                                      Seth Gardner               Senior              Orion

Tackle                                      Aaron Freeman           Senior              Morrison

End                                         Charlie Fletcher          Senior              Monmouth-Roseville

End                                         Cole Jennings              Senior              Riverdale

Running Back                         Carson Strating           Sophomore      Morrison

Flex Player                              Gage Hugart               Senior              Riverdale

Quarterback                            Kolby Franks              Senior              Erie-Prophetstown


Defensive Position        Name               Year         School

Defensive Lineman                 Ethan Davis                 Junior              Monmouth-Roseville

Defensive Lineman                 Seth Gardner               Senior              Orion

Defensive Lineman                 Clay Hockaday           Junior              Erie-Prophetstown

Defensive Lineman                 Tyler Shambaugh        Senior              Morrison

Linebacker                              Noah Huizenga           Senior              Riverdale

Linebacker                              Connor Sibley             Senior              Erie-Prophetstown

Linebacker                              George Starks             Junior              Rockridge

Linebacker                              CJ Johnson                  Junior              Monmouth-Roseville

Linebacker                              Tyler Lukaszewski      Senior              Sherrard

Defensive Back                       Brayden Deem            Senior              Rockridge

Defensive Back                       Chase Newman           Sophomore      Morrison

Defensive Back                       Cole Kratzberg            Junior              Orion

Defensive Back                       Peyton Locke              Junior              Rockridge


Honorable Mention

Offensive Position       Name               Year         School

Center                                     Max Vahle                  Senior              Erie-Prophetstown

Guard                                      Walker Anderson        Junior              Sherrard

Tackle                                      Nick Ballard                Senior              Erie-Prophetstown

Tackle                                      Landon Bull                Freshman         Rockridge

End                                         Trevor Cobo               Senior              Erie-Prophetstown