Monmouth College Grads Create Scholarship To Benefit Students From Warren, Mercer, Henderson & Knox Counties

Nathan and Laura Gaskill with their two children.

A Monmouth College alumni couple has established a scholarship program for first-generation students from Warren, Mercer, Henderson and Knox counties. Nathan and Laura Gaskill have initiated the Dream and Achieve Scholarship at Monmouth. It is intended for a first-generation college student, with preference given to students from the local counties of Warren, Mercer, Henderson and Knox. Recipients should also be involved in Monmouth co-curricular activities. Although preference will be given to first-year students, transfer students will also be eligible for the scholarship.

According to a press release, Nathan Gaskill is a partner at the accounting firm of Lauterbach & Amen in Naperville, but at one time he was a first-generation college student wondering if he’d have enough money to begin and continue his Monmouth College education. That served as motivation to create the new scholarship program. Gaskill grew up in Warren County, graduating from Monmouth High School.