$22,000 In Restitution Ordered In Aledo ID Theft Case

An Aledo man ordered to pay over $22,000 in restitution after being found guilty of three felony counts stemming from an identity theft investigation. 50-year-old Darrin C. Clawson was convicted during a one-day bench trial in January in Mercer County Circuit Court. His sentencing hearing was Tuesday where he was also placed on 48-months court supervision and given a 60 day jail sentence, which is stayed pending strict compliance with the court supervision.
Clawson was arrested on a warrant in September of 2021 when he was charged with two Class 1 felonies of aggravated identity theft and identity theft along with a Class 2 felony of theft. The case centered around one victim over the age of 60 and the allegations involved an amount of stolen money between $10,000 and $100,000 taken between January of 2011 and October of 2020.