Three Rivers Announces All-Conference Football Teams

The Three Rivers Athletic Conference has announced the all-conference football teams for the 2019 season.  Morrison was the small school division champion while Princeton won the large school division.


Football – Small Division

All Conference Selection

and Team Standings in the Conference 2019


Final Standings – Varsity                    Final Standings – Sophomore

1st  place   Morrison  6-0                              1st   place  Morrison  6-0

2nd place   Newman  5-1                                2nd  place  Newman  4-2

3rd place   Fulton  4-2                                   3rd place   Rockridge  3-3

4th place   Orion  3-3                                    3rd  place  Bureau Valley  3-3

5th place   Riverdale  2-4                               5th place   Fulton  2-4

6th place   Rockridge  1-5                               5th place   Riverdale  2-4

7th place   Bureau Valley  0-6                        7th place   Orion  1-5



All-Conference Teams

As selected by a vote of conference coaches


First Team    *  Denotes “unanimous” here and with player and coaches of the year.

Offensive Position           Name                    Year            School

Center                                     *Ben Dunlap                 12                  Orion


Guard                                      *Riley Wescott             12                  Newman

Guard                                      Owen Beckett              12                  Riverdale


Tackle                                      Hunter Buser                12                  Newman

Tackle                                      Colin Roberts               12                  Morrison

Tackle                                      Zackary Riddell           11                  Orion


End                                         Andrew Wilson             12                  Newman

End                                         Cole Rusk                     11                  Rockridge


Running Back (4)                    *Riley Wilkens             12                  Morrison

Running Back                          Keegan Anderson       12                  Morrison

Running Back                          Coby Schultz              11                  Orion

Running Back                          Connor McBride         12                  Newman


Quarterback (1)                       Ryan Jungwirth             12                  Orion



Defensive Position           Name                    Year            School

Defensive Lineman (5)           Bryan Caves                  11                  Riverdale

Defensive Lineman                 Ryan Parchert               11                  Rockridge

Defensive Lineman                 Cooper Darby               12                  Morrison

Defensive Lineman                 Jake North                     11                  Fulton

Defensive Lineman                 Riley Wilkens               12                  Morrison


Linebacker (4)                         Niko Zarlatanes             12                  Rockridge

Linebacker                              Isaak Shetler                 12                  Morrison

Linebacker                              Nathan Mickley             12                  Morrison

Linebacker                              Andrew Wilson             12                  Newman

Linebacker                              Jake Pannell                  12                  Fulton


Defensive Back (3)                 *Nick Allen                   12                  Morrison

Defensive Back                       *Conner McBride         12                  Newman

Defensive Back                       Ryan Kennedy              12                  Morrison


Specialty Position            Name                    Year            School

Punter  (1)                              Nate Ahlers                   12                  Newman


Place Kicker (1)                      *Nate Ahlers                 12                  Newman


Return Specialist (1)               Connor McBride           12                  Newman


Second Team

Offensive Position           Name                    Year            School

Center                                     Max Pannell                  11                  Fulton

Center                                     Nate Neubauer              11                  Newman

Center                                     Tyson Smith                  11                  Morrison


Guard                                      Nate Portz                     11                  Fulton


Tackle                                      Nolan Vesley                11                  Newman

Tackle                                      Zach Williams               11                  Rockridge


End                                         David Arney                 11                  Riverdale

End                                         Nate Henry                    10                  Rockridge


Running Back                         Colton Reiman              12                  Riverdale

Running Back                         Ethan Rash                    11                  Fulton

Running Back                         Kyler Pessman              11                  Fulton

Running Back                         Kye O’Brian                 12                  Newman


Quarterback                            Nate Helms                   11                  Morrison



Defensive Position           Name                    Year            School

Defensive Lineman                 Daniel Feltes                 12                  Newman

Defensive Lineman                 Hunter Buser                 12                  Newman

Defensive Lineman                 Colin Roberts                12                  Morrison

Defensive Lineman                 Jayson Johnson             11                  Orion

Defensive Lineman                 Ben Dunlap                   12                  Orion


Linebacker                              Brady Stevens               11                  Newman

Linebacker                              Dalton Cathcart            11                  Riverdale

Linebacker                              Ethan Van Landuit       10                  Newman

Linebacker                              Coby Schultz                12                  Orion

Linebacker                              Kobe Lieving                10                  Orion


Defensive Back                       Jason Smith                   12                  Riverdale

Defensive Back                       Nate Ahlers                   12                  Newman

Defensive Back                       Ryan Jungwirth            10                  Orion



Honorable Mention

Offensive Position           Name                    Year            School

Center                                     Carter DeCap              11                   Riverdale


Guard                                      Zach Winchester         11                   Riverdale

Guard                                      Hayden Lilly               11                   Orion

Guard                                      Matt Foster                  11                   Bureau Valley


Tackle                                      Brady Reed                 11                   Riverdale

Tackle                                      Trae VanZuiden          12                   Fulton

Tackle                                      Dylan Bridgeman        11                   Fulton

Tackle                                      Jayson Johnson           11                   Orion


End                                         Bryan Caves                11                   Riverdale

End                                         Jake Pannell                12                   Fulton

End                                         Kolten Sage                12                   Morrison

End                                         T. C. Ottens                11                   Morrison

End                                         Quinn Hoftender        10                   Orion


Running Back                         Mac Nugent                12                   Bureau Valley

Running Back                         Andrew Velazquez     11                   Newman

Running Back                         Hunter Newman          10                   Morrison

Running Back                         Kobe Lieving              12                   Orion


Quarterback                            Bryce Ditto                 11                   Riverdale

Quarterback                            Jake Ackman               11                   Newman


Defensive Position           Name                    Year            School

Lineman                                  Josh Huizenga             11                   Fulton

Lineman                                  Nate Portz                   11                   Fulton

Lineman                                  Ryan Waldschmidt     12                   Newman

Lineman                                  Riley Wescott             12                   Newman

Lineman                                  Zackary Riddell          11                   Orion

Lineman                                  Luke DeBaillie            12                   Orion


Linebacker                              Will Conner                11                   Fulton

Linebacker                              Kyler Pessman            11                   Fulton

Linebacker                              Andrew Velazquez     11                   Newman

Linebacker                              Hunter Newman          10                   Morrison


Defensive Back                       Evan Eckberg              11                   Bureau Valley

Defensive Back                       David Arney               11                   Riverdale

Defensive Back                       Jake Ackman               11                   Newman

Defensive Back                       Brenden Stearns          12                   Morrison

Defensive Back                       Braydi Mascari            11                   Orion

Defensive Back                       Jared Mohr                  10                   Orion


Football – Big School Division

All Conference Selection

and Team Standings in the Conference 2019


Final Standings – Varsity                    Final Standings – Sophomore

1st  place      Princeton  6-0                            1st   place Princeton  6-0

2nd place      Kewanee  5-1                             2nd place Erie/Prophetstown 5-1

3rd place      Hall  4-2                                      3rd place Monmouth-Roseville 4-2

4th place       Monmouth-Roseville  3-3            4th place Hall  3-3

5th place       Erie/Prophetstown  1-5                5th place St. Bede  2-4

6th place       Sherrard  1-5                               5th place Sherrard  1-5

7th place      St. Bede  1-5                               7th place Kewanee  0-6




All-Conference Teams

As selected by a vote of conference coaches


First Team    *  Denotes “unanimous” here and with player and coaches of the year.

Offensive Position           Name                    Year            School

Center (1)                    *Cole Reynolds                      12                   Princeton


Guard (2)                     *Sam McClure                        12                   Princeton

Guard                            Greg Larson                          12                   Hall


Tackle (2)                    *Alec Vasic                             12                   Hall

Tackle                            Grant Foes                             11                   Princeton


End (2)                        *Wyatt Davis                          12                   Princeton

End                                Kavon Russell                      12                   Kewanee


Running Back (4)        *Ronde Worrels                      11                   Princeton

Running Back               Tayvian Taylor                      11                   Kewanee

Running Back               Colton Russell                       11                   Monmouth-Roseville

Running Back               Cole Wozniak                       12                   Hall


Quarterback (1)           *Tyler Gibson                         11                   Princeton



Defensive Position           Name                    Year            School

Defensive Lineman (5)           *Brady Ballard            12                   Erie/Prophetstown


Defensive Lineman                 Grant Foes                   11                   Princeton

Defensive Lineman                 Xavier Crowe             12                   Kewanee

Defensive Lineman                 Jakob Thomas             12                   Monmouth-Roseville

Defensive Lineman                 Alek Vasic                  12                   Hall


Linebacker (4)                         *Cole Wozniak           12                   Hall

Linebacker                                Drew Harp                10                   Princeton

Linebacker                                Carter Russell            11                   Monmouth-Roseville

Linebacker                                Daniel Crowe            12                   Princeton


Defensive Back (3)                 *Jacob Starr               12                   Princeton

Defensive Back                       Austin Heinecke        12                   Hall

Defensive Back                       Rashaun King            12                   Monmouth-Roseville


Specialty Position            Name                    Year            School

Punter  (1)                               Tyler Gibson               11                   Princeton


Place Kicker (1)                      Nick Pearse                 11                   St. Bede


Return Specialist (1)               Kavon Russell             12                   Kewanee


Second Team

Offensive Position           Name                    Year            School

Center                                     Shawn Schwemlein     11                   St. Bede


Guard                                      Xavier Crowe             12                   Kewanee

Guard                                      Brady Ballard              12                   Erie/Prophetstown


Tackle                                      Jakob Thomas             12                   Monmouth-Roseville

Tackle                                      Taber Conover            11                   Kewanee


End                                         Tyreke Fortney           10                   St. Bede

End                                         Carson Wiebenga        12                   Erie/Prophetstown


Running Back                         Marshall Walk            12                   Hall

Running Back                         Hunter Oleson             12                   Erie/Prophetstown

Running Back                         Josh Bynum                11                   Sherrard

Running Back                         Austin Heinecke         12                   Hall


Quarterback                            Rashaun King             12                   Monmouth-Roseville



Defensive Position           Name                    Year            School

Defensive Lineman                 Max Puentes               12                   Hall

Defensive Lineman                 Alec May                    11                   Princeton

Defensive Lineman                 Greg Larsen                12                   Hall

Defensive Lineman                 Matt Hultz                   12                   Hall

Defensive Lineman                 Sam McClure              12                   Princeton


Linebacker                              Brady Abell                 12                   Erie/Prophetstown

Linebacker                              Josh Nimrick               10                   Kewanee

Linebacker                              Matt Cihocki               12                   Princeton

Linebacker                              Trevor Mooney           12                   St. Bede


Defensive Back                       Marshall Walk            12                   Hall

Defensive Back                       Bryce Davis                12                   Sherrard

Defensive Back                       Kavon Russell             12                   Kewanee



Honorable Mention

Offensive Position           Name                    Year            School

Guard                                      Zach Foltz                   12                   Sherrard

Guard                                      Blake Smith                12                   Monmouth-Roseville


Tackle                                      Alex May                    11                   Princeton

Tackle                                      James Conner              10                   Kewanee


End                                         Noah Atkinson            12                   Princeton

End                                         Branden Haring           12                   Princeton

End                                         Tim Croissant             11                   St. Bede


Quarterback                            Eric Robinson             12                   Erie/Prophetstown

Quarterback                            Will Bruno                  11                   Kewanee


Running Back                         Ross Purvis                 12                   Erie/Prophetstown

Running Back                         Jacob Starr                  12                   Princeton

Running Back                         D’Angelo Moody       12                   Sherrard


Defensive Position           Name                    Year            School

Defensive Lineman                 Logan Link                 11                   St. Bede

Defensive Lineman                 Ramon Mendoza         12                   Monmouth-Roseville

Defensive Lineman                 Logan Wheeler            11                   Erie/Prophetstown


Linebacker                              Eli Bernier                   11                   Sherrard

Linebacker                              Robert Munther          11                   Erie/Prophetstown

Linebacker                              Jose Castro                  11                   Hall


Defensive Back                       Cam Conley                10                   Kewanee

Defensive Back                       Ross Purvis                 12                   Erie/Prophetstown

Defensive Back                       Cael Davis                   11                   Princeton

Defensive Back                       Kolby Franks              10                   Erie/Prophetstown

Defensive Back                       Derek Chandler           10                   Monmouth-Roseville

Defensive Back                       Luke Story                  10                   St. Bede