Miller Talks Farm Bill & Appropriation Bills

A deadline is looming for the new Farm Bill and reaction from Congresswoman Mary Miller, who represents Aledo and western Mercer County.
The current Farm Bill expires on September 30th and Miller says spending on the reauthorization needs to be reined in. That includes pulling back funding for food safety net programs.

SNAP and other nutrition programs make up the bulk of Farm Bill spending.

Miller is a member of the Freedom Caucus and they are pushing for 12 appropriation bills to be approved in order to get their support to avoid a government shutdown.

Some of bills include holding the government to spending below what was agreed upon this year during the debt ceiling debate, building more walls at the southern border, and a general stance against more funding for Ukraine. Miller says she supports the hardline stance and won’t believe that there isn’t time to get those bills voted on.

Miller became Aledo and western Mercer County’s rep in Congress following redistricting.