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Three Rivers Conference Announces Baseball-Softball All-Conference Teams

June 9th, 2014

The Three Rivers Conference has announced their All-Conference Baseball and Softball teams for the 2014 season.

Three Rivers Athletic Conference – South Division

Girls’ Softball – All Conference Selection

and Team Standings in the Conference – 2014


Final Standings – Varsity



ORION  6-6

HALL  5-6

ST. BEDE  5-7



All-Conference Teams

As selected by a vote of conference coaches

(an Asterisk denotes unanimous vote)


First TeamName              Year         School

Pitcher      Lexi DeKeyrel     Soph.       Rockridge         

Pitcher      Spenser Strandgard  Fresh.   Sherrard

Pitcher      Macy Hutchinson  Junior              Sherrard


Catcher     Abby Jacques     Junior              Princeton

Catcher     Gabe Mueller      Senior       Rockridge

Infielder    Brenna Faletti     Senior       Hall                   

Infielder    Jaryn Kinder      Junior              Sherrard   

Infielder    Callie Gosney      Junior              Rockridge  

Infielder    Ann Smolenski     Fresh.      Orion

Infielder    Morgan Knoblauch  Senior      St. Bede

Outfielder  Riley Strandgard  Senior       Sherrard   

Outfielder  Ashley Minyard   Fresh.      Rockridge

Outfielder Erin Lingle         Soph.       Rockridge

Outfielder  Emily Draper      Soph.       St. Bede (tie)

Outfielder  Danielle Hughes   Junior              Princeton (tie)

Designated Hitter/Utility Player  

Rachel Winston           Junior                   Sherrard



Position       Player       Year       School


Pitcher      Jenna Carroll      Senior       Rockridge
Pitcher      Adrianna Pikula   Soph.      Hall

Catcher     Ellen Herrmann    Senior       Hall

Catcher     Libby Frye        Junior              Sherrard

Infielder    Courtney Oeder   Freshman   Princeton                     

Infielder    Mollie Bates              Senior       Princeton   

Infielder    Tori Redpath      Senior       Sherrard

Infielder    Michaela Stoneking  Junior    Rockridge

Infield      MacKenzie Smith  Soph.      Orion

Outfielder  Sara Matykiewicz  FreshmanOrion

Outfielder  Alyssa Bradley      Junior     Sherrard         

Designated Hitter/Utility Player

Briana Olson              Senior       Rockridge  


CONFERENCE PLAYER OF THE YEAR      – Riley Strandgard from Sherrard
COACH OF THE YEAR – Mike DeLoose from Sherrard




Three Rivers Athletic Conference – South Division

Boys’ Baseball – All Conference Selection

and Team Standings in the Conference – 2014


Final Standings – Varsity


HALL  8-4




ST. BEDE  4-7

ORION  2-10

All-Conference Teams

As selected by a vote of conference coaches

(an asterisk denotes unanimous vote)


First Team  Name            Year         School

Pitcher *Taggart Venegas     Senior       Hall                      

Pitcher *Blake Lampo          Sophomore  Sherrard

Pitcher  *Jake Reinherdt    Sophomore   Princeton


Catcher  Dalton Nuding        Senior       Kewanee

Catcher  Austin Hildebrant    Senior       Sherrard


Infielder *Mitch Smith        Senior       Sherrard         

Infielder *Michael Bellino      Senior       St. Bede   

Infielder  Nick Madison        Senior       Rockridge

Infielder  Miguel Villarreal    Senior       Hall

Infielder  John Moraski        Senior       Kewanee


Outfielder *Jared Nimrik     Senior       Kewanee   

Outfielder *Jared Olsen              Sophomore  St. Bede

Outfielder *Isiah Taylor       Senior       Princeton   

Outfielder  Alex Martin       Senior       Rockridge (tie)

Outfielder  Shaye Mora       Senior       Sherrard (tie)


Designated Hitter/Utility Player   

Andrew Lundburg   Junior                   Orion


Second Team  Name            Year         School


Pitcher   Isaiah Kistler    Junior   Rockridge
Pitcher   Nathan Earl   Sophomore  Sherrard
Pitcher   Clay Vanderheiden   Senior   Orion

Catcher  Adam Sangston  Sophomore   Hall
Catcher   Jake Foy   Junior   Rockridge (tie)
Catcher  Benny Terronez   Senior  Orion  (tie)

Infielder  J.J. Vallaro         Senior       Princeton         

Infielder  A. J. Gaeta         Junior              Hall

Infielder  Matt Szczepaniak  Junior              St. Bede

Infielder  Colin Downing        Junior              Rockridge

Infielder  Ryan Hicks          Senior       Kewanee

Outfielder  Nathan Kelly       Junior              Sherrard

Outfielder  Christian Allen    Junior              Orion

Outfielder  Tyler Marvin      Senior       Princeton   



Designated Hitter/Utility Player – None

Honorable Mention  Name             Year         School

Catcher    none
Pitcher     none                 


Infielder  Grant Morse             Junior              Sherrard

Infielder  Drake Schultz          Freshman   Orion

Infielder  Ryan Renteria         Junior              Rockridge

Infielder  Aaron Haskings     Senior   Sherrard


Outfielder Tyler Bialobreski          Senior       Orion     

Outfielder  Dalton McManus          Senior       Rockridge   


Designated Hitter/Utility Player   



Conference Player of the Year –  Blake Lampo from Sherrard


Conference Coach of the Year – Sean McCollum from Sherrard








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