Southwell Named Player Of The Year, Graves Coach Of The Year In 3-Rivers

Rockridge quarterback-linebacker Darren Southwell was named Player of the Year and Rocket’s Coach Sam Graves was named Coach of  the Year in the Three Rivers Conference for the 2013 season.  Rockridge finished the year with a perfect 9-0 record and won the southern division championship.


All-Conference Teams

As selected by a vote of conference coaches

First Team    *  Denotes “unanimous” here and with player and coaches of the year.

Offensive Position            Name                     Year            School

Center                          Nathan Tonozzi                        SR                   Hall

Guard                           *Dalton Nuding                        SR                   Kewanee

Guard                           Cody Ewing                             JR                    Rockridge

Tackle                          *Trevor Urbanski                     SR                   Hall

Tackle                          Carson Bloomberg                   JR                    Orion

End                              Luke Johnson                           JR                    Rockridge

End                              Lucas Boraas                           SR                   Sherrard


Running Back               Ryan Hicks                               SR                   Kewanee

Running Back               *Austin VerVynck                    JR                    Kewanee

Running Back               *Dalton McManus                    SR                   Rockridge

Running Back               Justin Shaw                              JR                    St. Bede


Quarterback                 *Darren Southwell                    SR                   Rockridge



Defensive Position            Name                     Year            School

Lineman                       Armando Herrera                     SR                   Kewanee

Lineman                       Donovan Murphy                     SR                   Kewanee

Lineman                       Nic Johnson                             SR                   Orion

Lineman                       Jon Easterla                              SR                   Rockridge

Lineman                       *Dillon Gersicher                      SR                   Rockridge


Linebacker                   *Ryan Hicks                             SR                   Kewanee

Linebacker                   Dalton Nuding                          SR                   Kewanee

Linebacker                   Darren Southwell                      SR                   Rockridge

Linebacker                   Michael Bellino             SR                   St. Bede


Defensive Back            Jared Nimrick                           SR                   Kewanee

Defensive Back            Dalton McManus                      SR                   Rockridge

Defensive Back            *Luke Johnson             JR                    Rockridge


Specialty Position            Name                     Year            School

Punter                          A.J. Gaeta                                JR                    Orion


Place Kicker                *Cody Hutcherson                   SR                   Orion


Return Specialist           *Collin Aimone             SR                   Hall


Second Team

Offensive Position            Name                     Year            School

Center                          Nic Johnson                             SR                   Orion

Guard                           Jon Easterla                              SR                   Rockridge

Guard                           Michael Slingsby                       SR                   St. Bede

Tackle                          Trevor Case                             JR                    Hall

Tackle                          John Barnes                              SO                   St. Bede

End                              Jared Nimrick                           SR                   Kewanee

End                              Cody Hutcherson                     SR                   Orion


Running Back               Aaron Kerr                              SR                   Hall

Running Back               Jacob Edmunds                        JR                    Orion

Running Back               Jacob DeVolder                       SR                   Orion

Running Back               Logan Wilde                             SR                   Princeton

Running Back               Dwight Swartz              SR                   Sherrard


Quarterback                 Blake Matson                           SR                   Orion



Defensive Position            Name                     Year            School

Lineman                       Mike Briddick                          SR                   Hall

Lineman                       Trevor Urbanski                       SR                   Hall

Lineman                       Carson Bloomberg                   JR                    Orion

Lineman                       Bret Bainfield                            JR                    Orion

Lineman                       Logan Wilde                             SR                   Princeton

Lineman                       Justin Moody                            JR                    Rockridge


Linebacker                   Cody Hutcherson                     SR                   Orion

Linebacker                   Nolan Stevens                          JR                    Rockridge

Linebacker                   Dakota McManus                    SO                   Rockridge

Linebacker                   Sam Halm                                JR                    St. Bede


Defensive Back            Grant Garland                           SR                   Hall

Defensive Back            David Washburn                       SR                   Kewanee

Defensive Back            Jacob DeVolder                       SR                   Orion

Defensive Back            Benny Torronez                        SR                   Orion

Defensive Back            JJ Vaccaro                               SR                   Princeton


Honorable Mention

Offensive Position            Name                     Year            School

Center                          Matt Costenson                        JR                    Kewanee

Center                          Emmett Schultz             SR                   Rockridge

Guard                           Donovon Murphy                     SR                   Kewanee

Guard                           Jon Allen                                  SR                   Orion

Guard                           Colin Lapaczonek                     SR                   Orion

End                              Collin Aimone                           SR                   Hall

End                              Benny Torronez                        SR                   Orion

End                              J.J. Vaccaro                             SR                   Princeton

End                              Michael Bellino             SR                   St. Bede

End                              Sam Halm                                JR                    St. Bede


Quarterback                 Taggart Venegas                       SR                   Hall

Quarterback                 David Washburn                       SR                   Kewanee

Quarterback                 Jack Brady                               JR                    St. Bede


Defensive Position            Name                     Year            School

Lineman                       Jake Byczynski             SR                   Hall

Lineman                       Brady Booker                          FR                   St. Bede


Linebacker                   Nathan Tonozzi                        SR                   Hall

Linebacker                   Josh Ellison                               SO                   Orion

Linebacker                   Kyle Seys                                 JR                    Orion

Linebacker                   Austin Engstrom                       JR                    Orion

Linebacker                   Noah Hammerlinck                   SO                   Rockridge


Defensive Back            AJ Gaeta                                  JR                    Hall

Defensive Back            Jake Merkel                             SO                   Hall

Defensive Back            Baylee Hopps                           SO                   St. Bede

Defensive Back            Braidy Shipp                            FR                   St. Bede

Conference Player of the Year – Darren Southwell from Rockridge H.S.

Conference Coach of the Year – Sam Graves from Rockridge H.S.