Adams & McCollum Among Sherrard Teaching Hires On Wednesday

sherrard high schoolWith Sherrard set to start school in two weeks, the Unit 200 Board of Education will be filling a number of teaching positions on Wednesday. Slated to be hired are Jessica Matherly as 7th grade Geography Instructor at Sherrard Jr. High; Brandon Oelmann as PE teacher at Sherrard Jr. High;  Amanda Rahn Jr./Sr. High School half time Music Instructor; Kristen Reick K-4 Music Instructor at Sherrard and Winola Elementary; Pamela Reiling Pre-K Instructor at Winola Elementary School; Sean McCollum Business Instructor at Sherrard High School; Heidi Colbrese 5th Grade Instructor at Matherville Intermediate; Brian Adams Behind the Wheel Instructor at Sherrard High School; and Gail Hahn English Instructor at Sherrard High School. Adams is already the Sherrard varsity football coach and McCollum is the school’s varsity baseball coach.