Mercer County FFA Chapter Receives $3,500 In Funding This Week

John Swearingen, Aledo Golden Harvest Dealer and Sheridan Hank, Mercer County FFA President.

The Mercer County FFA Chapter brings in $3,500 this week. First up, the chapter participated in the Monsanto Fantasy Farming Challenge and won first place in the Yield Division and will receive a $1,000 check from Monsanto to be presented at a later date.
Also this week, Golden Harvest Seed Company and local dealer John Swearingen presented a $2,500 check to Sheridan Hank, Mercer County FFA President.  Golden Harvest Seed Company is dedicated to invest $500 to the local FFA Chapter of choice when a loyal customer increases the minimum or a new grower purchases 24 units of corn and/or 120 units of soybean on their 2018 order.  The local growers choosing the Mercer County FFA Chapter were:  D & D Biddle, Jeff Hank, Tromblee Farms, Mark Dunn and Richard and Jacob Robinson.  The Mercer County FFA Chapter will use the donation to provide college scholarships to FFA members seeking a career in an agricultural field.