Local Early Childhood Education Programs Hurt By Funding Cuts

Regional Supt. Jodi Scott and a contingent meet with ISBE in Chicago this week over cuts to early childhood education funding.

Early childhood education programs responding to a big hit in block grant funding. Regional Superintendent Jodi Scott says the loss totals nearly $2-million for Henderson, Mercer, Knox and Warren Counties and one of the programs being impacted is the Mercer County YMCA Children’s School.

Scott and a contingent met with the Illinois State Board of Education earlier this week this week in Chicago.

Scott says another option being explored is a supplemental appropriation through the Illinois General Assembly.
YMCA Executive Director Sara Brown tells WRMJ that the YMCA Children’s School will continue to fill the early childhood education needs of the community and the funding cut only effects one part of their program. She adds that they will work with parents, teachers and the community to fill the void so no family is without service.