Cyber Crimes Expert To Speak In Mercer County School District Later This Month

The Mercer County School District will hosting a Cyber Guide presentation for parents and the general public on Monday, November 13th from 7 to 9 p.m. at Mercer County Intermediate School. The presenter is Detective Richard Wistocki from Naperville.  He spoke with WRMJ News Director Jim Taylor this morning.

TOPICS INCLUDE: * Cyber-Bullying * File Sharing * How to protect your family from Cyber-Bullies * Sexting * Understanding what is on your child’s phone applications * Video Sharing online * Internet predators on having access to our children through their cell phone applications * Controlling and monitoring computers in your home * The dangers of online gaming * Controlling and monitoring your child’s cell phone * The dangers of posting photos to Twitter, Instagram, and Snap Chat * Which cell phone is the safest for my child

The location has been changed for community presentation to Mercer County Intermediate School, again from 7-to-9 p.m. on Monday, November 13th.