McHugh: If Further Audit Reveals Wrongdoing; More Charges Could Be File Against Bertelsen

mchughIf a further audit reveals additional misappropriation of funds, more charges could be filed against former Mercer County Treasurer Mike Bertelsen. Instead of a full scale forensic audit, which could cost upwards of $90,000, the Mercer County Board is now considering a further examination of 15 accounts that Bertelsen had exclusive control over says Mercer County State’s Attorney Greg McHugh.

Bertelsen is awaiting an October 20th sentencing date after pleading guilty to stealing $13,000 in county 911 funds. Mercer County Board Chairman Jeff McWhorter informed the board last night he will likely appoint a replacement for Bertelsen at the September 2nd board meeting. He says he will consider the Mercer County Republican’s choice, Sandy Bull, as well as other names.