Moffitt And Hasson Support IHSA In State Hearings

ihsa 2Legislators grilled the leader of the Illinois High School Association today (Tuesday) about the organization’s finances and more. The non-profit sponsors student activities across the state such as basketball and football.

IHSA executive director Marty Hickman defended the wages of the group’s 25 employees. He says they are comparable to those of public school administrators. “I don’t think we have anything to apologize about for the salaries that our people make. They’re hard-working, competent dedicated folks that bust their butt,” he said.

Hickman says the IHSA posts its financial audits online, and returns some proceeds from events to schools.

One high school teacher, David Reinstein of New Trier in Winnetka, said he was fired from the IHSA after pointing out some questions for the IHSA’s scholastic bowl had been ripped off of other sources: “After I was fired, a different moderator found another plagiarized question. Knowing what had happened to me, he did not report it and the plagiarized question was then used at the IHSA state championship,” Reinstein said.

The IHSA acknowledged problems and says it is working to prevent future situations of plagiarism at its scholastic bowl.

More hearings are expected.

Reaction from Rockridge High School Principal Katy Hasson, who attended today’s hearing.

Reaction from local State Representative Don Moffitt, who serves on the House Elementary and Secondary Education Committee.