Illinois AIDS Conference Highlights Statewide And Local Numbers

IDPH-LOGOIllinois has the 7th highest number of AIDS cases in the nation, with 39,844 reported cases of AIDS since 1980. Those numbers were highlighted at the 22nd Annual Illinois HIV/STD Conference this week in Springfield. Locally, there has been one HIV case diagnosed in Mercer County since 2006 with two people living in Mercer County with HIV and three people living in Mercer County with AIDS, according to the Illinois Department of Public Health. Phil Wilson, the founder and president of the Black AIDS Institute, appeared as the keynote speaker at the conference.
aids numbers
Wilson has been battling AIDS for 33-years.
Other local STD numbers, there have been 23 cases of chlamydia in Mercer County in 2013 and 5 cases of gonorrhea.