Chicago Cubs Beat The Aledo American Legion…..In 1923

1923 chicago cubsA history lesson offered during last weekend’s Rhubarb Fest. A trolley tour was sponsored by the Aledo Area Chamber of Commerce and the tour guide was Dennis Brown. And he did his homework. He says the Chicago Cubs played in Aledo way back in the day.
aledo history 1
The Cubs won that day 9-2. It was played October, 4, 1923 at the former Mercer County Fairgrounds diamond. Brown also let riders know that it was pretty cheap to attend the former William and Vashti College–compared to today’s standards. A full year of tuition cost less than what a textbook costs today.
aledo history 2
The William and Vashti College campus later became home to the Roosevelt Military Academy, which closed in 1973.